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The present Atlantic Base Ball Club was established in 1997 as a re-creation of the 19th century Brooklyn Atlantics. The original team was organized on August 14, 1855, and played their home games on the Capitoline Grounds in Brooklyn. They soon became one of the premier teams of their era. They were recognized as National Champions in 1864 and 1865, going undefeated through both seasons. Their most memorable victory came on June 14, 1870 against the first-proclaimed all-professional Cinncinnati Red Stockings. In what was called "the finest game ever played," Atlantic had stopped the Red Stocking's two-year winning streak, defeating them 8-7 in 11 innings.

The present Atlantic team honors the Brooklyn Atlantics for their first undefeated Championship season, establishing themselves as an 1864 historic team, yet has the versatility to play by the rules of any era. Atlantic plays its home games on Long Island, on the grounds of the Smithtown Historical Society and prides itself on presenting to the public a historically accurate interpretation of the 19th century game of base ball.

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The mission of the ABBC is to preserve, perpetuate and promote the game of base ball as it was played during it's formative years in the nineteenth century. This objective is accomplished by:
1- Presenting the game of base ball as it was actually played in accordance with the rules, equipment, uniforms, field specifications, customs, practices, language, and behavioral norms of the period.
2-Supporting the formation and strengthening of historic base ball clubs by sharing information, setting standards of historical accuracy and participation, and providing a means to recognize and communicate with other ball clubs.
3-Encouraging research and disseminating information in order to recreate the game in keeping with the highest level of accuracy and authenticity.
4-Educating the public regarding the character, history, and growth of the game with attention to the historical context in which it originated and developed.

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